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Friends and Visitors: Thanks for viewing my open albums the past month or so. I hope you all have found something that might have excited you and your 'significant other'. I don't want to risk being shut down, or have my hands slapped for having inappropriate material with open albums, so in a few days, I plan on locking most of my Public albums. I have many Public and Private albums, on most subjects that many of us visit Fotki for. I plan on having an open "Samples" album, that, hopefully, won't be too 'bad' in the eyes of Fotki, that will have several photos in it, from my locked Public albums and my Private albums. I don't seem to have accumulated very many friends yet, I (we) like seeing locked albums as much as most everyone else does, but don't seem to have many friends with much 'stuff' for viewing. But if there is something in my samples album that you might like, drop me a message, public or private and let me know what it is. Regardless of the subject matter, I might just have an album on it. I hope you all have something to share too. Kisses

May 29 2011 - After having my Public Albums locked and taken down by the Fotki Police, I have moved everything that was public to my private albums section, EXCEPT the examples albums, of which I have locked with a password. So it takes a few more hoops to jump through to view them, but they are viewable to friends, simply by being a friend. The examples are also in various private albums. We love to view most every thing too, so that does help in being a friend. But the examples are still viewable with the pw. Can you say "examples" I knew you could. One more time -
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Saturday, October 29, 2005
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